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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Larisa M. Romanova[Russia], Nadezhda K. Serdyukova[Russia]Promoting Sochi as a Tourist Destination in the Post-Olympic Period2014, March3323
2Mohammadreza Moradi[Iran]Modeling the Relationship between Work Motivation and Employees’ Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of Youth and Sport Offices in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province2015, March3271
3Natalie Martins[Russia], Christopher Gas[Canada]Building on Strengths, Trends and Innovation: Sochi as a National Centre for Beach Sports2014, March2998
4Galina M. Romanova[Russia], Andrey V. Apukhtin[Russia], Lyudmila A. Beloslutseva[Russia]Business Tourism in Sochi: Issues and Prospects2014, March2956
5Elena Bendíková[Slovakia], Miroslava Szark - Eckardt[Poland], Hana Žukowska[Poland], Alicja Kostencka[Poland], Lukáš Šmída[Slovakia]The Level of Muscular System of Secondary School Pupils in Relation to Health2015, March2864
6Dmitry K. Malashenkov[Russia], Gennady A. Bobkov[Russia], Alexander E. Evtukh[Russia], Arkady P. Kozlowski[Russia], Vadim N. Morozov[Russia], Igor F. Chekirda[Russia]Olympic Legacy: Material and Non-Material Aspects2014, March2849
7Konstantin G. Tomilin[Russia]All-Russian Physical Education and Sports Complex: Traditions, Issues and Achievements2013, December2824
8Larisa P. Mel'nichuk[Russia]Physical Methods of Treatment for Sports Injuries2014, June2821
9Isaac Olusola Akindutire[Nigeria], Johnson Adetunji Olanipekun[Nigeria]Psycho-social Determinants in the Utilization Of Doping Substances by Athletes in Nigeria2015, March2802
10Romualdas K. Malinauskas[Lithuania]Indicators of Psychical Stability Among Junior and Youth Track and Field National Team Candidates2014, March2797

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